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 A Simple Steps To Follow On How To Start Joining AIOP - (below).  A 100% Commission Payout On Basic Level!  Your 1st Referral Will Already Cover Your AIOP Monthly Membership!  Please do bear in mind that AIOP is not a get-rich quick scheme, but it is the most Powerful Even-Up System Concept ever created in the World . It is entirely up to you how much income you would want every month, and nothing or nobody can stop you on your income desires.
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Please Read Simple Steps Below First Before Joining AIOP
1.Before the joining process, please check to make sure that your sponsor's name is on top: Raul V De Leon and on the first line,  Your Sponsor:  mybizone
(a) Important, Fill-Up your First Name - Last Name & Middle Name exactly according to your Bank Account the same as your PayPal , accounts. to avoid mistakes in Paying your Commissions, otherwise AIOP won't be able pay your commissions if your name is not Matched with your PayPal accounts or Bank Accounts.
No PayPal account yet?  join PayPal below now (No.2) for Free  to continue your AIOP joining process.

(b) Create you own AIOP Username, according to what you prefer like your first name or other, but not too long word.

(c)  Provide your best email address to make sure you'll be receiving all your emails and not bouncing emails, if you    don't have one, you can create GMAIL account Here now.

(d) Create your own AIOP password should be a stronger password, and keep it in your safe place like your notepad.
All In One Profits Compensation Plan Has 2 Lucrative Levels:  BASIC and PRO
AIOP-Basic membership level:
  • Cost $10 each month (+$1.5 payment processor fee = $11.50/month) includes professional web hosting and autoresponder, plus other great tools.
  • $10 per BASIC member in your downline
  • 100% commission payout from your level of membership
  • $10 per PRO referral in your downline
  • Break even with your first referral (membership cost is covered)
  • Unlimited  number of referrals in depth and width
  • Unlimited income
  • Daily/hourly  payouts

AIOP-Pro membership level:
  • All the benefits of the basic level
  • Cost $20 each month (+ $1.74 payment processor fee)
  • $15 per Pro member in your downline
  • $3 Pro Sponsor bonus for each Pro member sponsored by you
  • $10 for each Basic member in your downline
  • The $3 Pro Sponsor bonus is paid to the sponsor even the referral is passed to upline
  • The $3 Pro Sponsor bonus is paid only to Pro members who sponsor pro members
  • Pro Level includes all the Basic level products and services, plus the PRO level products.  Please visit the AIOP Products Page to see the offer  for each  level now.

2. PAYPAL: Best Online Free Money Processing Tool (below options in joining PayPal either Verified or Unverified)

   Verified: means you need to do some process so that PayPal can verify your account thru your
   Bank. Get their 4 digit Code send to your Bank enter it in your PayPal account click confirm.
   PayPal charged few dollars but it will be refunded to you after the verification process.

   Unverified: means you don't need to do anything, only your withdrawal limits is limited unlike Verified
   your withdrawal limits is higher.

(a) Visa, Mastercard or any Debit Card is acceptable with PayPal

(b) Add Money From Your Bank To Your PayPal Account (No Visa or Mastercard) , just use your Own Bank Account and integrate it inside your PayPal account, Click "Top Up" button inside your PayPal account for more guidelines, thank you

3. PAYZA: Your Money's Gateway To The World!

Get your money where it needs to go — quickly, conveniently, and securely. Shop or sell online, send or receive money — wherever you are!

Receive Money Manage payments for your business or sell your products/services online with ease and security. Receive your money instantly!

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4. PAYONEER: Receive Funds From PayPal, Apple, Amazon and More!

Global Payments Made Easy Payoneer provides companies of all types and sizes with flexible ways to pay people and businesses worldwide.

Payoneer’s US Payment Service is a premium service that allows users to receive direct deposit payments from select US companies directly to their Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard® Card, using the ACH network.

Receive funds from US companies, such as PayPal, Amazon, Apple, and more:

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5. Free Marketing Tools: You are free to use all the Marketing Tools, just click the "Links" button above this site.

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7. AIOP 24/7 SUPPORT: Just Click AIOP Contact/Support button ( at the bottom of AIOP main page)

8. Contact Me anytime by clicking the "Contact Me" button at the right, thank you
9. Please send me your own AIOP referral link to include on to my Exclusive AIOP VIP Member Rotator for Free .